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Resale Shopping Tips

Shopping Tips

Below are some tips that our long time customers would like to share with our first time shoppers. Please note that opening day/night does promise the best selection, but it also can mean long checkout lines and big crowds. We have one line for regular checkout and it includes LOTS of and cashiers. Please be patient as we are trying to check out shoppers as quickly as possible and all of our workers are volunteers!

  • Be sure to bring something to carry your items in and make sure it is large enough for everything!  Think it’s big enough? GO BIGGER!!! It needs to be easy to manage when fully loaded to the top with items. Remember, no wheeled carts are allowed.
  • Bring a snack, drink, and patience when you come to shop.
  • Make sure to bring a list of your child’s sizes with you.  All the shopping is in the lower level of the church and the phone reception is not great.
  • Bring a friend!  It’s always more fun to shop with a buddy.
  • Bring cash. We only accept cash and checks (with a photo ID)
  • Be nice to the other shoppers and the volunteers working. Shopping can be really fun even during times when they are large crowds – especially when you enlist help from other shoppers! If you are looking for something special and can’t find it, ask someone! It’s most likely there!
  • Arrive early! The line to shop forms early on Friday! The faster you get in the door, the better chance you have to get those coveted ‘must-have’ items you came for!  Many of our shoppers have made new friends with the other regular shoppers that arrive early for the sale!
  • Return unwanted items to the racks (in the proper size please!). Be sure to return your unwanted items to the proper racks when you are finished sorting. Think of the other shoppers and be considerate. The quicker you return unwanted items to the racks the quicker other shoppers can find their special bargain! If you do it for them, they will do it for you.

If you come across stains or items with holes or other damages that somehow ‘slipped through the cracks during our quality assurance scan, please let a volunteer know! We immediately remove all items that are stained or damaged from the sales floor. Volunteers do their best to catch these at check-in, but they are human and miss things from time to time.